Five Secrets of Shopping

At one point in your life, you’re going to have to step into a store to do some shopping, whatever your gender is, no matter how much you hate the chore. For some people, shopping can be an awkward or unneccesarily annoying affair, with sales clerks trying to push products on you or following you around the store.

To make shopping a little more interesting or fun for you, here are some shopping secrets that you won’t be hearing from sales clerks. Keep these little things in mind the next time you step into a store.

1. The sales clerks who greet you once you enter the store do so not because they’re friendly. Well, all salespeople are required to be polite to customers, but there’s another reason why sales clerks seem to look you in the eye as you enter the store. Doing so is believed to reduce the likelihood of shoplifting.

2. If you ask to a sales clerk to put an item on hold for you, the item is not guaranteed to be available when you come back for it. Most sales clerks would agree to put items on hold for customers, but most customers don’t come back for these items at all. That’s why sales clerks often end up selling these items to other customers instead.

3. Being nice to sales clerks definitely works to your advantage. It can get you perks that other shoppers might not enjoy, such as small extra services or even free products. Sometimes, your behavior towards a sales clerk can mean the difference between getting your items crammed into a small plastic bag and having your items wrapped up nicely.

4. Where products are placed indicates how long they’ve been at the store. Understandably, newer merchandise is put front and center, to draw customers’ attention. The back areas of the store are usually reserved for items with bargain prices. So don’t be afraid to venture further into the store, especially if you’re looking for items with marked-down prices.

5. Most, if not all, sales clerks have individual goals to meet in terms of sales. Some are even required to meet a certain quota in terms of converting browsers to buyers. If they don’t meet these goals, they’re likely to hear from their supervisors. Keep this in mind the next time you enter a store just to browse.

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