Secrets to Preparing Restaurant-Worthy Meals

Knowing how to prepare a good meal is a skill that you’ll often find useful – after all, you’ll inevitably have to cook food and prepare a meal at least once in your life. Whether it’s for a special gathering with colleagues or friends or just a weekend dinner with the family, a well-prepared meal can definitely make the occasion more memorable.

Unfortunately, preparing a good meal is easier said than done. So many things can go wrong in the process, resulting in unsavory and forgettable food. Don’t despair, though. The good news is that there are secrets to preparing excellent meals. Check the following secrets to make sure that the next meal you prepare is worthy of any fine-dining restaurant.

Go for good-quality meat

Often, one of the most reliable indicators of high-quality meat is its equally high price. Consider good meat as an investment. Beef usually comes in various grades; ‘prime’ is the best grade available, followed by ‘choice’, then ‘select’. Prime beef has a lot of marbling, so the meat is more tender and flavorful when cooked.

Choice-graded beef still tastes great and remains tender when cooked, and these cuts are definitely more affordable than prime beef. Select-graded cuts are best cooked in moist heat, to lend moisture to the lean beef. As long as you spend good money on your beef and you cook it properly, you’re guaranteed to enjoy delicious, mouth-watering steaks and burgers.

Don’t neglect side dish preparation

The side dishes are just as important as the main course. Whether you’re serving meat or seafood, fresh vegetables make for great side dishes. To make unforgettable vegetable side dishes, make sure you devote time and attention to making them. Greens such as broccoli and asparagus have to be cooked past the al dente state, and it’s best to cook these in boiling salted water.

Always use fresh ingredients

Using fresh ingredients will give you better chances of creating meals that are flavorful, delicious, and nutritious, too. Many vegetables and fruits sold at supermarkets are picked before they’re fully ripe so they won’t go overripe in transit. Because of this, the produce’s flavor and nutrient content aren’t fully developed. Your best bet is to visit your local farmer’s market. Farmers’ markets feature produce that are grown within a 50-mile radius of the the markets, so you can’t get fresher ingredients anywhere.

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